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Habitrail Twist Hamster Cage
Price RM80.00 RM120.00
Product SKU MP-HB-62815
Brand Habitrail
  • Complete hamster habitat with unique cage design
  • 360-degree air circulation for optimal ventilation
  • Transparent components enable clear view of pet
  • Compatible with all other Habitrail items
  • 8.5inches length x 20.5 inches width x 10 inches height

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New Habitrail Twist is the latest and greatest Habitrail home for hamsters. Twist features many cool design innovations that you and your small pet will love. A unique oblong-shaped, hybrid habitat, Twist consists of a combination of wire framing and clear plastic components that allows you to see your small pet from all angles. 

In addition to providing a great view, Twists large wire frame at the upper half of the home also provides 360 degree air circulation which hamsters will appreciate.

An oversized plastic door at the top opens very wide, allowing excellent inside access. The door is made of clear plastic that provides a great aerial view inside. The door has an easy-to-use sliding lock that prevents unwanted escapes. 

The bottom half of the home consists of a lightly-shaded plastic base that allows an unobstructed view of the interior, plus it prevents drafts. The inside of the oblong base has rounded corners that prevents gnawing and makes cleaning easy.

Twist also features an innovative elevated feeding area that makes the hamster work for its food, just as it would in nature, plus it helps stimulate exercise. The feeding area also eliminates the use of feeding dishes, which often get tipped over and result in the food getting mixed up with the shavings and litter.

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